The National Research Council says that prefabrication
is an “opportunity for breakthrough achievement.”
See what’s trending in our industry.

Prefabricated Building Systems Deliver More Value for Owners

Bisnow, LLC
Jul 17, 2017

Owners can change the way their projects are delivered by asking for prefabricated building systems. Prefabrication leverages the gains manufacturing has made over the years, applying them to construction. This will ultimately change how projects are delivered, with owners having the most to gain from a more efficient design-build process.

Manufacturing is shifting the future of construction

Daily Commercial News
Jul 10, 2017

The future of design and construction is about finding efficiencies and building a faster, cheaper and better quality product. Design for manufacture and assembly (DFMA) incorporates all those elements under one roof, stated several industry experts during a recent presentation on the future of modular construction.

We Have Moved!!

Jun 29, 2017

Located just minutes from our current location, our new production facility will increase PIVOTEK’s production capacity while maintaining PIVOTEK’s high quality manufacturing standards.
Please note our new address: 8910 LeSaint Drive,
West Chester, OH 45014

Table of Experts: Health Care — Innovation in a Time of Uncertainty

Kansas City Business Journal
Jun 27, 2017

Now versus 10 years ago, many health care clients are doing a lot with the coordination of technologies between the hospital and building systems. That includes evaluating and working to minimize space requirements throughout the design process. It’s also creating an opportunity for a lot of prefabrication.