The National Research Council says that prefabrication
is an “opportunity for breakthrough achievement.”
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Construction Goes Digital

Lux Research
Oct 12, 2017

The ongoing digital revolution has the potential to disrupt the building and construction industry, bringing significant savings in time and cost, and perhaps superior quality as well. Technologies including advanced prefabrication, augmented reality, BIM (building information modeling) systems, and automated construction, which are converging, representing an opportunity to revolutionize the construction industry.

Prefabrication Takes Aim at Labor Issue

Multi Family Executive
Oct 5, 2017

Prefabrication Takes Aim at Labor Issue: Future-proofing a new development is a big task, taking tenants’ needs and the building’s infrastructure into account to make sure the property is still relevant in 10 years. Yet, it’s a critical step if developers hope to protect their investment for more than just the next decade.

Mount Carmel East Hospital – Bed Tower Expansion

Sep 11, 2017

The Mount Carmel East project is a $310 million renovation project and expansion  that  will  add  a  five-story,  128-bed  patient  tower.  This expansion will be a part of the campus’ 381 room total after the project is fully complete in 2019.