We live our lives in the 21st century,
as long as we are not in construction.
What if there was a better way?

We are a manufacturing company that
creates custom, prefabricated bathroom and kitchen units for hospitality,
healthcare, and housing clients throughout the United States and beyond. As a team
of engineers, designers, and builders, we strive to consistently deliver quality design,
superior construction, and absolute project success.

So what if there was a better way? Questions like these drive everything we do.

We believe in relationships as strong as our product.

Perhaps you’ve heard it said that you should focus on the marriage more than the wedding day. We’ve adapted that philosophy to our prefab bathroom approach. This process is a journey, and we want to get it right. So, we strive for accountability, great communication, and active problem solving throughout the process, so that our clients have a positive experience. After all, prefabrication can only flourish if people have a good experience with it.

We believe
in transparency.

People often look to modular bathroom construction to solve problems. If we see a potential issue, we address it. Our process enables us to engineer out issues up front. We are always forthcoming about pricing and schedules. Ultimately, we want you to believe that prefab is an efficient and effective solution to many issues found in traditional construction. We hope that you choose to work with us. And if you don’t, we hope that you’ll continue to consider prefabrication for future projects.

We believe every step in our prefab process must be done right.

Our goal is to be the best total solution in the prefabrication bathroom industry, so we pay attention to every single detail of every single project, knowing that success hinges on our ability to deliver at each step. Because we hold ourselves to the highest standards, we consistently exceed customer expectations.

We believe that every prefab project is a unique learning opportunity.

No two projects are the same, and we like it that way. Continually looking for better ways to design and build, and creating solutions for incredible challenges keeps us sharp, helping us to continually shatter expectations of what construction manufacturing can be. We aim to set new standards and help architects, engineers, construction managers, and building owners not only see—but reap—the value of construction manufacturing.


If you’d like to learn more about the prefabrication industry,
check out our Research section.


Our leaders represent a range of knowledge and experience, from traditional construction to architecture to prefabrication. Because
our team encompasses multiple disciplines, we are a strong partner in any construction manufacturing project.

kent hodson pivotek



As President, Kent provides strategic leadership for the company by working with the Board of Directors and management team to establish long range strategies and operating processes that maximize growth, profit, and return on investment. As a Six Sigma Master Blackbelt with 15 years of manufacturing experience, Kent excels at finding lean and innovative methods for creating an advanced product.

He prioritizes company activities to ensure performance metrics and objectives are aligned with the company’s strategy and tactical plan. He also ensures operational processes and controls are in place to achieve quality and production targets.

On a daily basis, Kent works closely with his experienced leadership team to incorporate up-to-date technology and innovative building/manufacturing methodologies to create an advanced product. Kent has successfully implemented many projects, most recently the Champion’s Court student housing facility at the University of Kentucky.


jerry welte pivotek



Jerry is a 28-year veteran of the commercial construction industry and a U.S. Green Building Council-certified LEED Green Associate, and plays a critical role in the construction and installation of all PIVOTEK projects; ensuring owners’ expectations are exceeded.

Also part of Jerry’s role is managing PIVOTEK’s workforce as well as subcontractors, overseeing materials procurement, and expertly keeping projects on schedule and on budget. Jerry seamlessly transitions the team from design to construction. Throughout Jerry’s career, he has overseen the construction of the Narayana Medical Center on Grand Cayman Island, The Miami Valley Hospital South, Proctor and Gamble Labs, and numerous others. His ability to estimate precisely and manage costs ensures that our approach offers cost certainty and predictability.

Prior to joining PIVOTEK, Jerry worked for TP Mechanical, where he recently served as estimation manager, project manager, and pre-construction manager.




Doug oversees the design, development, coordination, and leadership of each project. Doug works to keep the design and development on schedule and within specification of the construction documents.

Doug assists in the coordination of all disciplines during manufacturing and ensures all units are properly integrated into the project and are compliant. Doug collaborates with the project management and manufacturing teams to provide a seamless transition between the two phases. Doug’s goal is to increase the overall quality, consistency, accuracy, and safety of the final product.

He also oversees all aspects of PIVOTEK’s conceptual and final design process. Doug works liaison between Owner, design/construction teams, and internal project team to guide the design and development for each project. While managing all aspects of the PIVOTEK Design Department including staff, technology, and designs, Doug acts as the interface for decisions regarding constructability, layout, and design of the overall structure for projects.