Established 2011, PIVOTEK, Inc. is a manufacturing company that produces custom, bathroom, kitchen, and (other) repeatable units for healthcare, hospitality, and housing construction projects throughout the United States.

Our process focuses on reducing waste, improving quality, and increasing revenue through on-time delivery of your POD solution.

PIVOTEK currently employs 15 Office, including 3 designers, and 80+ Craftsman all of whom are detail oriented and focused on delivering the highest industry standards to exceed customer expectations.

PIVOTEK works as a single source design, engineering, manufacturer, and installer of repeatable building units.

We believe in relationships as strong as our product.

Perhaps you’ve heard it said that you should focus on the marriage more than the wedding day. We’ve adapted that philosophy to our prefab bathroom approach. This process is a journey, and we want to get it right. So, we strive for accountability, great communication, and active problem solving throughout the process, so that our clients have a positive experience. After all, prefabrication can only flourish if people have a good experience with it.

We believe
in transparency.

People often look to modular bathroom construction to solve problems. If we see a potential issue, we address it. Our process enables us to engineer out issues up front. We are always forthcoming about pricing and schedules. Ultimately, we want you to believe that prefab is an efficient and effective solution to many issues found in traditional construction. We hope that you choose to work with us. And if you don’t, we hope that you’ll continue to consider prefabrication for future projects.

We believe every step in our prefab process must be done right.

Our goal is to be the best total solution in the prefabrication bathroom industry, so we pay attention to every single detail of every single project, knowing that success hinges on our ability to deliver at each step. Because we hold ourselves to the highest standards, we consistently exceed customer expectations.

We believe that every prefab project is a unique learning opportunity.

No two projects are the same, and we like it that way. Continually looking for better ways to design and build, and creating solutions for incredible challenges keeps us sharp, helping us to continually shatter expectations of what construction manufacturing can be. We aim to set new standards and help architects, engineers, construction managers, and building owners not only see—but reap—the value of construction manufacturing.


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Our leaders represent a range of knowledge and experience, from traditional construction to architecture to prefabrication. Because
our team encompasses multiple disciplines, we are a strong partner in any construction manufacturing project.

kent hodson pivotek



As President of PIVOTEK, Kent provides strategic leadership for the company by working with the Board of Directors and management team to establish long range strategies and operating processes that maximize growth, profit, and return on investment.

Kent prioritizes company activities to ensure performance metrics and objectives are aligned with the company’s strategy and tactical plan. He also ensures operational processes and controls are in place to achieve quality and production targets.

On a daily basis, Kent works closely with his experienced design and leadership team to incorporate up-to-date technology and innovative design and manufacturing methodologies to create new and advanced products.




As the Director of Design & Preconstruction, Doug oversees the design, development, coordination, and estimation of each project.

Doug also oversees all early planning with the design team, construction manager, and MEP consultant for feasibility & constructability. Doug produces all estimates and scope of work documents for each project.

Doug works with PIVOTEK’s project management and manufacturing teams to ensure a seamless transition between design and manufacturing and provides support to project management for onsite installation coordination. Doug conducts a value analysis to improve PIVOTEK’s performance through design practices that maintain value and align budgets with the objectives of manufactured building solutions.