Will your project benefit from modular bathroom or kitchenette construction?
To find out, take a quick assessment.

1. What industry are you in?


2. What is your role?

OwnerConstruction ManagerArchitect

3. How many units are in your facility?

We review quantity for two reasons. The first is to determine if the volume of work will help to accelerate your schedule. The second is to determine if the quantity of units is sufficient enough to offset the engineering costs that go into building a manufactured unit.

4. When is your project schedule for completion?

Here, we’re looking at whether PIVOTek can be engaged early enough in the project OR if the project schedule can account for the extended engineering and manufacturing lead times necessary to implement prefabrication.

5. What type of building is being constructed?


Prefabrication integrates well into with numerous building types including CIP concrete, precast concrete, steel frame, load bearing structural steel walls, and Cross Laminated Timber. Our products can also be installed in wood frame construction, as long as the design accounts for the fact that our prefabricated units are built out of structural metal studs. If our units are to be used as load bearing walls, we must be included in the upfront design efforts.