Questions you should ask
when considering bathroom prefabrication

The construction industry is evolving, influenced by two undeniable forces: reduced workforce
and the influence of technology. Prefabrication is the ideal response because
is creates a positive ROI for owners, architects, and construction managers.

If you want to work with a company that suits your needs and employs best practices in construction manufacturing, you have to ask them the right questions. Here are some examples to consider.

1. What do you want to achieve?
Are you looking to save time, save money, use green manufacturing methods? Look for modular bathroom construction companies who have a track record of achieving similar results. Ask the company for specific examples (numbers, dates, certifications, etc.) to demonstrate how they have achieved each of these things. You can also ask to speak with clients.
2. Is bathroom prefabrication beneficial to your project?
Prefabricated bathroom PODs are an excellent approach for improving quality and safety, but it may not be the best approach for every project. A trustworthy company will allow you to ask lots of questions and give you a free evaluation. Be wary if someone says “yes” before knowing enough about your project. A reliable prefab company will get as detailed as possible into the structure, components and other elements of your project, as well as your team.
3. How does the prefab company handle problems?
Knowing how a company has failed and how they resolve issues is equally as important as knowing their successes. Ask about examples of how they have overcome challenges, what they do to learn from mistakes, or how they have transformed a terrible project into a successful one.
4. What kind of service will we really get?
Everyone claims to be customer-service oriented, but you can learn a lot from visiting a manufacturing plant, if that’s feasible. A willingness to show you how PODs are assembled, the people working in the manufacturing center, the time leadership is willing to take answering questions and understanding details of a project before a contract is signed – that says a lot about how they value people.