PIVOTEK’s manufactured components reduce your worries about safety,
quality, schedule optimization, and cost.

Manufactured building components simplify the construction process by removing typical challenges from the job site.  Trade stacking, schedule congestion, inconsistent quality, and variance are critical challenges facing traditional methods of construction. As the skilled labor force decreases, identifying a remedy to reduce the impact of these challenges is growing more crucial.  Applying the same successful assembly line processes utilized in heavy volume and high-quality production lines like the automobile industry, we enhance job site productivity by eliminating labor requirements in tight spaces that have the most risk for variance and quality problems.

Manufactured components are building components that are built in a production facility before being assembled on site. The benefits of manufactured components include:

  • fewer people are needed on site at the same time
  • shorter building programs – the construction of units occur simultaneously with site work, allowing some projects to be completed in half the time of traditional construction
  • the project is less impacted by weather or labor shortages
  • the units are manufactured and inspected so quality control is improved
  • safety – the indoor construction environment reduces the risks of accidents and related liabilities for workers

PIVOTek construction manufacturing offers numerous advantages.



The Time Value of Money.

Early stream to revenue is a significant value of  manufactured component. Our construction manufacturing operation occurs concurrently with your onsite construction, and our units are set during rough construction. This collapses construction schedules, so you can get the job done faster—and the building is occupied faster.



First Time Right.

Begin with the understanding of the critical success factors for all project partners, as well as understanding what the end user experience should be. We put control measures in place to ensure that we get everything right the first time, from grout to wiring to fixtures. The pride we take in our craftsmanship helps to ensure each unit—and your project—is a success.



Partner with an Experienced Team.

We know how critical it is to have a partner you can count on to produce quality work, to meet deadlines, to offer practical solutions. Our team of experts works closely with architects, property owners, and construction managers from first engagement to post-installation, always listening and responding to customer needs. Providing our customers with outstanding service before, during and after delivery of our products is our top priority.



Price with Confidence

We invest significant resources in deeply understanding every project up front, enabling us to generate very specific numbers—from dollar amounts to quantities and sizes of materials. We consume less material, so you spend less. And our highly engineered process adds predictability to our deliverables, leading to cost certainty and a reduction in contingencies.



Lean to LEED.

Because we build smarter, we can build faster, greener, and leaner. Our assembly process is  highly engineered. For example, our advanced 3D technologies ensure coordination of the environmental systems, fixtures and finishes during design.

Our precise, controlled environment optimizes the use of materials, time, and energy. We control every material purchased and how it is used. Our workers expend less energy because tools and materials are at their fingertips.



Consistent Quality and Set Schedule.

With PIVOTEK, you can count on getting the look and feel you want, without compromise. Architects and owners maintain control during the process, which makes everyone less stressed. Our precise production methods result in units that fit every time, no surprises. And our upfront schedule results in timely installation—time and again. All these things ensure that the final product will be exactly as you intended.



Single Point of Contact.

Working with a single source for manufactured components like PIVOTEK frees workers to focus on critical tasks on the job-site and eliminates the need to coordinate multiple sub-contractors.

Consider this: A 10×10 bathroom is the smallest and most complicated room in a building and yet a construction manager needs to manage 11 trades (and potentially 11 companies) to get the work done on time and done well. Reallocating those workers can help the entire project move forward more quickly.

In addition, PIVOTEK offers a consistent workforce. Our full-time employees build our units, so they are skilled at what they do. They understand our process, our culture, and our high expectations for quality.

It’s time to change your expectations of prefab construction.
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