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Repeatable results with Quality certainty

Our dedicated project team will engage, engineer & execute a successful project. Our thorough pre-project consultation, planning, and coordination will ensure that our processes are being constantly refined to deliver manufactured components with consistent, predictable quality and the most streamlined usage of resources and labor. 


Reliable solution for skilled labor challenges

Manufactured building components simplify the construction process by removing typical challenges from the job site. Trade stacking, schedule congestion, inconsistent quality, and variance are critical challenges facing traditional methods of construction. As the skilled labor force decreases, identifying a remedy to reduce the impact of these challenges is growing more crucial. Applying the same successful assembly line processes utilized in heavy volume and high-quality production lines like the automobile industry, we enhance job site productivity by eliminating labor requirements in tight spaces that have the most risk for variance and quality problems.

Lost time is lost productivity

Our construction partners have the difficult task of managing and maintaining the efficiency of every project site. Site logistics can be difficult when faced with limited space for material lay-down area, parking, dumpster locations, and work areas designated for key trades. Our partners often tell us that the biggest waste of time for their team is searching for tools or materials – and the significant domino effect this has on their productivity every single day. PIVOTEK’s operational structure and scope of work provided with each component helps increase a project manager and his trade partner’s ability to perform and manage the work environment.

On time, on budget

PIVOTEK’s involvement early in project planning delivers maximum productivity and efficiency by collaborating with your team from the start to discover the best possible ways to use time and materials, often in ways that improve the result.

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