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Integrating components into your project as early as the schematic design is highly recommended. However, PIVOTEK has worked with project partners at later stages in the design development process and beyond. Our team will guide your through the process so you have a foundation to review components for your current or future projects.

Components offer value for any size project big or small. In general, a project that features up to 50+ of one standard design is usually recommended. One design and the mirror of that design is still one type to PIVOTEK.

There are no limits to the type or level of finishes that can be incorporated into our process. PIVOTEK customizes each project to the specifications provided by our client and their design/project team.

PIVOTEK units are extremely durable and can be transported long distances without damage. PIVOTEK units are wrapped in a weather resistant shrink wrapped bag, and produced utilizing materials that ensure our units arrive safe and secure.

Certainty in quality, delivery, and cost are the biggest benefits to utilizing components for your project. Construction Managers and their trade partners are working hard to fill the shortages of skilled labor that is needed to deliver projects on time. Many are looking to manufacturers like PIVOTEK to supplement their workforce by producing fully finished components that are coordinated to integrate into the construction process with ease.

PIVOTEK will engage a third-party agency to ensure that our units follow any state or local inspection or building code requirements. The third-party is licensed in all US states and will be scheduled throughout production to inspect the units for compliance. Upon completion, each unit will receive an inspection sticker to identify to local authorities that compliance was verified and by which agency and inspector.

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