PIVOTek Provides Modular Construction To Enhance Medical Tourism Project

Medical tourism is a growing trend in healthcare, offering surgical procedures at a fraction of the cost with the added benefit of a supervised recovery in a tropical paradise. Recently, a medical tourism project paired its innovative approach to medicine with PIVOTek’s innovative approach to construction to build the Health City Narayana Medical Center on Grand Cayman Island.

This two-story cardiac hospital was designed for medical tourism. PIVOTek manufactured 56 custom-designed modular bathroom PODs at their West Chester, Ohio facility. They then shipped them to the jobsite, ready for installation. PIVOTek also provided complete design assist services, including plumbing design for the vertical waste and vent stacks. PIVOTek developed a proven method to template and locate all pipe penetrations that were utilized by the local workforce ensuring correct rough-in.

Greg Rohr, PIVOTek’s director of preconstruction, explained that bathroom PODs are manufactured in a climate-controlled environment by qualified tradesmen. Before completed PODs are shipped to the construction site, each module is checked for quality and then packaged for transport.

“Every single step is checked to ensure that when we ship the product, it shows up ready for installation,” he said.

Health City and Cayman Healthcare Group recognized the value of modular construction and engaged PIVOTek very early on in the process. They saw PIVOTek as a solution for two challenges – an aggressive project schedule and a shortage of qualified local workers. Phase One of the Health City project is scheduled for opening in February 2014.