Design Tab Introduction

PIVOTEK standard designs were developed for clients who are seeking to maximize the benefit of manufactured building systems for their healthcare, hospitality, or housing projects. Our intent is to maximize design potential that will, in turn optimize the programmatic and financial goals for each project and client. Our design team works closely with past, present, and future clients to ensure that our standard design options unite user-generated objectives with the flexibility to enhance client specific design features.

Standard Design Options Offer:

  • Reduction in Design Costs
  • Time Savings-Early analysis of issues concerning constructability, cost estimating, scheduling, materials, systems, labor, equipment, procurement timing and design development.
  • Reduces Requests for Information (RFIs) during construction.
  • Shorter Project Schedule.
  • Accurate Scope Development.
  • Improves Quality.
  • Reduces Unnecessary Project Waste.
  • Safer Work Site.
  • Optimizes Installation Efficiency


Healthcare organizations are under more pressure now than ever to provide access to affordable care that will achieve the pressing needs of the community. The urgency to meet this demand, manage costs, and meet industry regulations are significant challenges when planning for growth.

By incorporating the use of standard manufactured building designs on multiple projects, healthcare project teams can greatly reduce these challenges and offer the most efficient and economical solutions that meet industry guidelines. Developing design standards and repeating the process on multiple projects provides the opportunity to create a sustainable design, construction, quality, and schedule advantages over a greater period with much larger return on investment.


The increased desire for a low-maintenance, walkable, and a live-work-play lifestyle has left developers racing to meet the high demand for multi-family and mixed use housing spaces in both urban and suburban sites.

The use of manufactured building units in housing speeds up construction lowers design and labor costs, and significantly reduces the risk of project delays resulting in quicker return for investors. Repeatability continuously applied over multiple projects ensures higher design and construction efficiencies, increases speed to market, and can greatly improve energy efficiencies through greater environmental and quality control processes.


The hospitality market is a highly competitive business that requires developers to make quick decisions regarding location, scale, and branding. The consistency associated with brand standards and necessity to gain competitive advantages make hospitality clients one of the greatest beneficiaries of standard design implementation.

The use of design standards on hotel projects lowers design and labor costs and greatly reduces the risk of project delays, resulting in a shorter path to revenue and speedy return for investors. Repeatability continuously applied over multiple projects also ensures increased cost control, construction efficiencies, speed to market, and can greatly improve energy controls through greater environmental and quality control processes.

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