Candlewood Suites
Huntsville, Alabama
Rest Easy/US Army
Lend Lease

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Many of our clients are first-time adopters of bathroom prefabrication. But this time, our client chose two speed-to-market systems for their new 95-room hotel: PIVOTEK prefabricated bathroom units and cross laminated timbers. This decision to bring the best of two schedule accelerants together to expedite a project is rarely made.

Similar to prefabrication, cross laminated timbers enables a building to go up much faster than traditional construction. However, these two systems haven’t always worked well together. To successfully merge the systems required the construction manager, the cross-laminated manufacturer, and PIVOTEK to collaborate and be flexible in finding a solution.


We jumped at the chance to contribute to such a unique project. To find a solution, we looked for conventional techniques that we could integrate into our process or our product. Much like putting a puzzle together, we had to first see the bigger picture: the project goal, the end user’s experience at this hotel. We leveraged our deep understanding of construction and of our client’s project, and our willingness to consider other perspectives. And then we identified potential issues and engineered them out.


Because of our willingness to be adaptive in our manufacturing process and to craft multiple different modular bathroom units, we created a solution, and are working to exceed expectations. This project has just moved into the build phase, manufacturing 95 PODs in 7 different configurations (more configurations than a typical project, given the total number of units). We are slated to complete this project in Q1 of 2015.

Download the Candlewood Suites Project Profile

Download the Candlewood Suites Bathroom POD White Paper