Champion’s Court
Lexington, Kentucky
Messer Construction


With an ambitious plan to add 2,000 beds to campus housing within two years, the University of Kentucky knew they needed partners who could deliver on time. Delays in the availability of student housing simply aren’t acceptable. However, it was nearly impossible to find the required number of qualified, skilled people to work simultaneously on UK’s student housing projects. So, they looked to prefabricated bathroom pods to address their needs for schedule certainty and qualified workers.


PIVOTEK worked with the architect and Messer Construction to delve deeply into the project. During our pre-engagement phase, we created an opportunity for cost and materials savings. Installing fire and sound walls first, then incorporating our prefabricated bathroom units (PODs) would lead to duplicate materials. So, we proposed that we include fire and sound walls into our modular bathroom designs, requiring fewer materials and reducing costs. To prove that our proposed changes to fire and sound wall design were viable, we met with state plans examiners and received their buy in—even before we were awarded the work. With this new plan approved, we manufactured 363 PODs for Champion’s Court student housing.


PIVOTEK exceeded the client’s high standards for design. We created an innovative new way to address fire and sound wall designs that saved time and materials, helping us to deliver on time, as promised.

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“PIVOTEK brought a solution-orientated approach to the project that is uncommon for a manufacturer and became a valued member of our team from day one. Their project approach, quality of workmanship and overall client service can be implemented into any building market segment.”
- Reginald Smith, Sr. Project Executive, Messer Construction Co.