Christ Hospital Joint and Spine Center
Cincinnati, Ohio
The Christ Hospital
Messer Construction


Christ Hospital is one of the premier healthcare networks in the Cincinnati area. In 2012, they planned to expand their main campus by developing a $265 million facility solely for to orthopaedic and spine care. To support their sophisticated approach to patient care and technologically advanced environment, they needed high-end finishes, custom designs, and certainty that their deadline would be met. Messer Construction selected PIVOTEK to meet both quality and schedule requirements.

During our planning phase, we found integrating our bathroom POD in isolation rooms would require a change to the slab thickness, a critical component. The standard solution—removing that portion of concrete—would have compromised the performance of the isolated slab. But we aren’t limited by standard solutions. We think beyond the box.


To make up for the three inches we removed from the concrete slab and to increase its density and performance, we added one-inch steel plates to bottom of our PODs.

After seeing PIVOTEK’s mock-up, our clients realized that the architect’s vision could be fulfilled precisely as intended—reinforcing their decision to choose a construction manufacturer rather than traditional stick-built construction. In fact, PIVOTEK met the architect’s tolerances and standards so well, they awarded PIVOTEK an additional 30 PODs.

We crafted 90 PODs in three different configurations.


Because PIVOTEK was engaged early in the planning process, we were able to provide details that were included in bid packages. This eliminated uncertainty and scope gaps for everyone, leading to better pricing for subcontractors and of the prefabricated bathroom PODs. Although the design was compromised initially, we were able to develop an elegant solution, driven by our commitment to find innovative solutions that showcase quality and integrity.

Download the Christ Hospital Joint and Spine Center Project Profile

Download the Christ Hospital Joint and Spine Center Design and Pre-Fabrication Analysis

“PIVOTEK was instrumental in making this value added scope of work a success from beginning to end. They assisted our team early on in the vetting process to see if PODS were a viable option from a cost, constructability and schedule standpoint. In terms of overall quality and schedule, PIVOTEK performed beyond expectations with a very difficult design, in terms of tolerances and high end product selection. I would welcome the opportunity to do another project with PIVOTEK.”
- Robert Inkrot, Messer Construction