Health City Narayana Medical Center
Grand Caymen Island
Studio Plus
Health City
Cayman Healthcare Group


Caymen Healthcare Group required a sophisticated medical facility to attract and care for patients who come this tropical paradise to undergo and recover from surgical procedures (often called medical tourism). Grand Caymen Island lacks skilled workers to build the project to Health City’s level of quality, so they looked to Pivotek to create custom bathroom PODs—and to transport them overseas.


PIVOTEK was involved on the project very early, collaborating with the design team and coordinating mechanicals. We developed a proven method to template and locate all pipe penetrations that would be used by the local workforce, to ensure correct rough-in.

We built 56 attractive, resilient units. Because of elaborate logistics with overseas transport, we increased our communication and collaboration among multiple parties to ensure the PODs were shipped without a hitch.


Because our manufactured units are built to the highest quality, they were able to handle the impact of boat to truck transport. All 56 PODs arrived in the Caymen Islands in perfect condition, ready for installation. PIVOTEK delivered the quality Caymen Health required for their bathrooms in the timeframe they needed.

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