Health City Narayana Medical Center
Grand Caymen Island
Studio Plus
Health City
Cayman Healthcare Group

The Health City-Grand Cayman hospital project was $40 million construction project that provided a much needed local hub for cardiac surgery, cardiology, and orthopedic services.  The 112 bed facility included semi and private patient rooms, ICU suites, three operating theaters, and one hybrid operating theater. An on-site lab, imaging suite with MRI, a gamma camera, nuclear med and CT room were also added. A new dental area, full kitchen, dining space, sewer treatment plan, and all required support space.

PIVOTEK joined the project team early in the design process to help identify solutions that would offset the islands limited resources for skilled labor, limited site access, and logistics challenges. Efficient designs and material selections were evaluated to maintain U.S. compliant healthcare and quality standards for 56 fully completed bathroom units. The successful delivery of manufactured bathroom units from PIVOTEK’s U.S. plant to the island along with additional prefab elements contributed to the completion of the hospital construction in only 12 months.

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