Mercy Health West Hospital
Cincinnati, Ohio
Catholic Health
Turner Construction


Mercy Health was combining two hospitals into one state-of-the-art, 250-bed facility. Originally, it was designed to be built using traditional methods. But when Turner Construction was tasked with reducing the project schedule by three months, they looked to several sub contractors, including PIVOTEK, to meet the deadline. In addition, the pan-deck concrete construction of the facility required extremely precise placement of pipes and plumbing risers—something we uncovered as part of our in-depth consultation process.


Prior to production, PIVOTEK transported the full-size mock-up of the modular bathroom PODs to two sites to get consolidated feedback from two staffs, the design team, and the construction team. Their input enabled us to adjust some design details to create a safer, more efficient space. PIVOTEK manufactured and installed 241 prefabricated bathroom PODs, with 18 different configurations.


Using PIVOTEK’s construction manufacturing techniques helped Turner Construction complete the project three and a half months ahead of schedule, and ultimately gave Mercy Health an earlier stream to revenue. Because of PIVOTEK’s deep collaboration with architects on the project, we were able to successfully uncover potential issues before manufacturing began—creating cost certainty and predictability. Our quality exceeded expectations of the client, architect, and the Mercy Health CEO. Their commitment to quality and to faith in our process created excellent results.

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“Prefabrication provides many benefits; schedule improvement, better quality, and improved safety. Having an owner and a project team that embrace the concept and are willing to plan early can realize these benefits and positively impact the overall cost of the project. The process on this project helped shorten the overall project schedule.”
- Tim Allison, Turner Construction Co.