Sanford Fargo Medical Center
Fargo, North Dakota
Sanford Health
Mortenson Construction


In Fargo, there’s a shortage of skilled construction workers. To build Sanford Fargo Medical Center, a world-class facility equipped with the latest technology and staffed by leading medical professionals, they needed an efficient solution that would offer the highest quality with the fewest workers. They also needed to accomplish this with the certainty that they could complete the project on time. This $494 million project is one of the top 10 health care projects in the United States—and many eyes are on them. So, HKS Architects and Mortenson Construction turned to prefabrication.


PIVOTEK assisted the architects and construction manager during design, layout, and configuration to ensure that the integration of plumbing within the prefabricated bathroom modules was as efficient as possible. We spent a great deal of time in the up-front engineering process and in our initial mock-ups to ensure that we would eliminate unknowns and deliver on our original cost and schedule estimate. We are developing 306 bathroom PODs in three different configurations for this one million square-foot facility. Manufacturing is slated for completion in December 2014.


Our up-front planning work has paid off: Even as construction manufacturing continues, there have been no surprises. We promised quality, and we are delivering it. Our clients have experienced the value in up-front engineering and mock-ups. We are on track to deliver on time and on budget.

Download the Sanford Fargo Medical Center Project Profile

“Mortenson had limited prefabrication experience prior Sanford Hospital. The PIVOTEK team did an excellent job keeping us informed of what to expect and how to prepare for the design and construction phases. PIVOTEK was proactive in developing solutions in process and construction details.”
- Casey Jackson, Senior Design Phase Manager