Spring Hill Suites – Uptown Charlotte, NC
Charlotte, NC
CR Architects
Rodgers Builders


The Charlotte, NC site is a great location, but with this great location came a unique wedge-shape lot and close quarters with our neighbors. PIVOTEK and its partners would not be deterred, however, and will be delivering 195 PODS, with seven unique configurations, starting in May 2016. This particular POD project is the first of its kind in the state and represents a first-ever POD project for CR Architects, SREE and Rodgers Builders.


Prior to production, PIVOTEK worked closely with all partners to tailor a solution to this project’s specific needs.  For example, the structure is cast in concrete, requiring that a fire rated demising wall be a part of each POD unit.  As mentioned, there are seven unique configurations for the Spring Hill Suite project and that too is in response to the needs of the project and our developer partners.


Using PIVOTEK’s construction manufacturing techniques helped Rodgers Builders complete the project ahead of schedule and on budget. Because of PIVOTEK’s commitment to collaboration with architects on the project, we were able to successfully uncover potential issues before manufacturing began—creating cost certainty and predictability. Our quality exceeded expectations of the client, architect, and the developer. Their commitment to quality and to faith in our process created excellent results that will be on display when the hotel opens in summer 2016.

Download the Spring Hill Suites Project Profile