project overview

New Hanover Regional Medical Center

Wilmington, NC

Construction for New Hanover Regional Medical Center’s (NHRMC’s) new orthopedic campus began in May 2018. At an estimated at $91 million, the newest NHRMC development included a three-story orthopedic hospital totaling 134,000 square feet and 108 new patient rooms. The new addition provides increased resources and easier access to NHRMC’s orthopedic, trauma, specialty surgery and spine services on the main campus.

A demanding project schedule and limited skilled labor resources were the drivers in the overall decision to move forward with manufactured building components for this project. Early collaboration with the owner, architect, MEP, and construction manager were key to the successful delivery of 108 fully completed patient bathrooms. Epoxy flooring,  engineered sloped floors, trench drains, and client specific finishes were all incorporated into PIVOTEK’s  high quality production process. In addition to design and manufacturing, PIVOTEK’s in-house installation team coordinated and completed the final set of all units on site.

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