We tailor our modular assembly process to suit each job, and ensure the right fit, every time


Pre-Project Consultation

We perform a feasibility assessment for every project to determine if it can benefit from construction manufacturing. A full-service prefabrication project evaluation is an opportunity to learn and understand, both for you and for us. There’s no obligation to commit to a contract.

The prefabrication of bathrooms is best suited for healthcare, housing, and hospitality projects. Every project is different, so we dig deeply into the details of your project to thoroughly understand it. We look at the quantity of units, the variety, and your schedule. This process enables us to give you an estimate that provides cost certainty.

Modular Planning

PIVOTEK’s cross-functional team works as a strategic partner to help shape the project and integrate project-specific design components. We look at the systems and parts inside and outside of each modular bathroom unit to identify potential conflict—and we engineer them out. We set realistic expectations. Ultimately, our goal is for the design of each prefabricated unit to exceed your expectations for budget, time, and quality. We work hard to ensure that the aesthetics of the brand and the quality of craftsmanship you require are met without compromise.


Making the complex simple in a large-scale building project? No sweat.

You might think that this phase is about 3-D modeling and design selections. And technically, it is, but it is also about establishing communication and setting a pace that works for everyone on the team.

Design control remains always in the architect’s hands. Our engineering team integrates with your design team to transform your design into prefab bathroom products of higher quality than traditional stick-built construction. We also meet with team members to coordinate work and submit material plans to the architect. Through our fully integrated 3-D process we can coordinate environmental systems, fixtures and finishes, and you can envision the final product before assembly.

Finally, we develop a project-specific mock-up (a prefabricated bathroom POD) that enables owners and architects to see the products, finishes, and color selections exactly as the end user would—reducing unanticipated change orders later. When our clients are happy, we start building.


We tailor our assembly process to the unique specification of each job.

Our lean manufacturing process makes the most of your valuable time and resources, and ensures that every unit is built right and installed correctly every time.


This phase is focused on fulfilling the vision for the project. We build each prefabricated bathroom unit to ensure that the intended design and customer experience are fulfilled.

Before we begin assembly, we develop two and three-dimensional jigs to ensure that every part of every manufactured unit fits perfectly. Efficient, assembly-line style construction ensures accuracy, precision, consistency, and speed. We weld our studs, use epoxy grouts, and weld water-tight membranes to meet expectations. We, and our third party affiliates, inspect every modular bathroom POD to ensure the highest quality, according to the prefab project specifications.


Our upfront schedule results in on-time, every-time installation. Each bathroom POD is shrink-wrapped for watertight transport, lifted into place, set in its final location, and secured to the building superstructure. The POD becomes part of the building and is field inspected through to building completion.

To ensure precise installation, we provide guidance, proprietary equipment and anything else you need. Although installation is the final step in the process, it’s not the end of our partnership. We remain available to all our clients.


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