PIVOTek Road Show

We know it sounds weird that we’d drive all over the country with a bathroom in the back of a truck, but we have found there’s no better way to explain what we do then to show people.

You might think that when you call people and say, “I’d like to host a road show with a bathroom in your parking lot,” that people pause for a moment and wonder if you’re crazy. That’s what we thought we would get when we proposed this idea to some of the top Construction Managers, Architects and Healthcare organizations in the Midwest. Instead, our manager of business development hit the phones and got overwhelming interest.

We booked 21 locations in 8 cities in 15 days. So today, we embarked on a 1,864-mile journey to show people what our Bathroom Unit looks like, let them walk around inside and, when we’re plugged in, turn on the lights.