Don’t Let the Cold Slow Down Your Project

For many industries, extreme cold weather is an inconvenience. In construction, it adds up to delays and extra cost. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Imagine your construction project being completed in a climate-controlled manufacturing facility. Consider a team of plumbers, electricians, drywallers and other trades working efficiently on your construction project with no interruptions, no safety hazards and no scheduling conflicts.

At PIVOTek, we have all but eliminated how weather can impact your project, ensuring our customers’ projects avoid delays. Instead of slowing you down, we are able to accelerate construction and get your project to market quicker.

Using prefabrication and modular building techniques offer distinct advantages especially during the cold weather months, when compared to stick-built construction.

1. Material Quality – Traditional building materials are highly susceptible to weather conditions, especially the cold and moisture. Prefabrication allows for these materials to be constructed in a controlled environment. Curing or drying time is unaffected by the elements. Materials are also less susceptible to warping or mold.
2. Schedule –Prefabricated units can accelerate construction by avoiding weather delays and, because the work is being done on a regular schedule in an assembly line fashion, there are no scheduling conflicts among the trades.
3. Safety – Snow and ice removal may be required on the job site, but it doesn’t have an impact on the parts of your project that are being prefabricated. Also, when you use prefabrication, you’ll have fewer workers on-site and your project will have less potential for injury. Roads can also hinder workers’ ability to get to the site or cause delivery delays, while work can continue on prefabricated modules throughout the cold months.
4. Worker Productivity – In cold weather conditions, your team is understandably working less efficiently and effectively. From bulky clothing to additional breaks, skilled workers in colder temperatures are hampered. In prefabrication, the conditions are always the same, delivering consistent speed and quality.

While we may be thinking about cold weather construction now, many of these same principles apply in the extreme heat of summer. Prefabrication offers a solution for any time-sensitive project, delivering cost and schedule benefits.